Watch: Avalanche in Banff Creates Close Call for Local Runner

Bryon Howard was out for a latest run in Banff National Park that shortly escalated past atypical exercise.

On Friday night, the Canadian realtor was operating close to the Fairmount Chateau in Lake Louise when he heard a loud “BOOM” behind him, reports CBC. He turned to see an enormous avalanche careening towards him.

“I looked over my shoulder, I kind of heard something, and there was an avalanche heading my way,” he tells CBC.

Together with his digicam already in hand to seize footage of the storied park’s surrounding surroundings, Howard filmed your entire occasion earlier than being fully engulfed by a white cloud of snow. Fortunately, Howard was untouched and walked away unhurt. His spouse, daughter, and son have been additionally on the path behind him. They too, have been unhurt by the avalanche, in line with CBC.

“I felt as if there was no way that avalanche can get me, because you know, it has to come off the side of the mountain onto the lake on the other side—which is about 100 meters from where I am … but as it was coming closer and closer I thought, ‘Oh, I’d better run,’” he tells CBC.

His son said that he additionally heard the sound of the avalanche close by, and initially thought it was a managed avalanche, however shortly realized that it was not. “I heard this huge cracking sound and then watched the avalanche fall down and was like, ‘Oh, no, I hope my parents aren’t under there,’” he tells CBC. “It was crazy. It just kind of filled the area with snow.”

On the finish of the video, a relieved Howard could be seen struggling to catch his breath, exhaling repeatedly in reduction. As soon as the scenario had settled down, he merely described the entire expertise as “Wild.”

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