The best foods for vegetarians

There are more and more people that want to prevent eating meat – now sales of vegan products are at their peak. this is often thanks to various factors: some believe that eating plant foods “raises” them to heaven and increases prana (meaning “breath”, “life”), while others care about the preservation of animals. it’s difficult to mention what percentage percent are vegetarians worldwide, but it’s known that 40% of the population of India is vegan.

If you, too, fear the extinction of species and are a fighter for the prosperity of all life on Earth, then we propose that you simply familiarize yourself with the ten best foods for vegetarians. it’s recommended to incorporate these products within the menu.

10.Soy meat

More and more often some want to exchange their usual meat with soy – the leader of our top. For an extended time, this product was included within the dishes of Asian countries, but today it’s become popular in our country also. Despite the very fact that the meat product made up of soybeans is inferior to the meat of animal origin in taste, it’s not inferior thereto in terms of the set of nutrients.

Soy meat is one of the highest 10 foods for obese people. The composition of the merchandise includes vitamins of groups H, B, E. additionally, the meat product contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, which are so necessary for an individual. Not only vegetarians but also those that want to reduce can include soy meat in their diet because it’s extremely low in fat.


If you continue to don’t know what tofu is, then we’ll tell you. the merchandise may be a curd (or cheese) mass, and is familiar to all or any vegetarians. Tofu came to Russia from China, where it’s one of the foremost popular products. In restaurants and shops in China, tofu is sold in a sort of form and with various additives: pickled, fried, within the sort of chips, with mushrooms, with cherries – prefer to your taste!

Acceptable portion per day: 100 g, although the Chinese advise consuming more of it, because tofu is extremely healthy. If you check the list of useful properties of this product, then the Chinese aren’t lying, tofu is a superb source of top-quality protein. It contains all 9 amino acids that folks got to consume to take care of their health. In Russia, tofu is specially sold in hard form, although it also can be soft.


Beans are a really tasty and healthy legume that’s often included in the menu of athletes. thanks to the flexibility of the bean product, various dishes are willingly prepared with it: soups, salads, pastries, etc. it’s noteworthy that within the world production of legumes, beans take the first place: 9 million plenty of beans are grown on 20 million hectares – impressive figures!

In ancient Greece, bean stew was considered a dish for the poor, but now everything has changed – many peoples on the planet include beans on the menu of restaurants without fail. The legume product contains tons of protein (22% dry matter), which is equal in nutritional value to meat protein. counting on the sort of grain, beans have a high content of minerals: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, also as trace elements: copper, zinc, etc.


For many, oatmeal is an important breakfast dish. it’s nutritious and healing. the foremost popular is oats – it’s a high percentage of fat (6.2%) and contains tons of phosphorus and magnesium. To diversify the taste of porridge, they typically add nuts, berries, grated chocolate, etc., but they’re also are more interesting solutions.

Oatmeal is often cooked:

on almond milk;

with coconut;

with apple roast;

with blueberries;

in a jar with pieces of fruit.

These are just a few of the ideas on the way to cook oatmeal – there are more cooking options. Oatmeal was on this list for a reason – porridge may be a useful source of carbohydrates, a real vegetarian athlete, glad to oatmeal at any time of the day! additionally, there are now many sorts of porridge, among which there are people who are often used as a filler for smoothies.


Adherents of vegetarianism know firsthand what health benefits the cashew has. Cashews naturally grow within the east of Brazil. In his homeland, delicious and weird nuts are utilized in cooking and medicine. Regular consumption of nuts benefits the entire body: it strengthens the system, normalizes digestion, etc.

Besides, cashews perfectly support the systema nervosum because of the interacting unsaturated fatty acids: Omega 9, Omega 3, and Omega 6. The nut contains 73% of the daily value of magnesium. liable for muscle contractions. Cashews are considered the foremost delicious of all nuts, so vegetarians are happy to form cream, milk from it, add it to desserts, etc.

5.Dried fruits

The kcal index in dried fruits is above within the primary product, however, the concentration of useful elements during a small portion is above in pears, grapes, or apples. within the process of natural drying, pieces of fruits and berries decrease in size thanks to the evaporation of water, but the quantity of carbohydrates doesn’t change, therefore the calorie value becomes higher.

Not one vegetarian can do without dried fruits in winter – they draw energy from them and replace sweets with them, which are rarely vegan. Dried apricots, peanuts, dates, raisins – choose what you wish best! Dried fruits are often eaten as an independent dish or added to oatmeal. Dried fruits are rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, etc., which, as we all know, are so important for humans.

Note! The beneficial properties for the physical body of every sort of edible fruit differ from one another.

4.Peanut butter

Please note that the calorie content of spread is shown using the instance of Nutella products.

You’ve probably all seen how in American movies people spread something pasty on bread for breakfast. this is often spread – a product that’s popular not only with vegans but also with people. spread is delicious and nutritious. To eat, you would like little or no of it. A characteristic feature of the merchandise is that the peanut flavor.

Peanut butter contains:

fats – 51%;

proteins – 25%;

carbohydrates – 11%.

It is noteworthy that pasta was invented in 1890 within us – initially for medical purposes for those that are contraindicated in meat. Later, pasta became popular among vegetarians. it’s not surprising, because they are often added to porridge, eaten with fruits (if you narrow them into small pieces and anoint them with pasta, the fruits will sparkle with new notes).


By maintaining a healthy diet, vegetarians cannot do without seaweed. this is often a really useful and low-calorie product, rich in iodine (in 100 g of cabbage 300-480 mcg). For the primary time, the Japanese learned about seaweed and its beneficial properties – today the country is that the leader within the production of kelp.

In the 90s, within the regions of Russia, you’ll see canned seaweed on store shelves – it had been eaten with pleasure with boiled potatoes, added to salads. This product was very helpful for the hostesses. Now kelp is not any less relevant, especially among vegans. the advantages of using kelp are especially noticeable during the spring beriberi: the skin becomes velvety, nails are strengthened, and hair thickens.

2.Brown rice

In the kitchen, a vegan should have the simplest foods, one of which is brown (aka brown) rice. Unlike white, brown takes longer to cook (after boiling water, it’s boiled for about half-hour, some varieties are boiled even longer – 45 minutes), but it’s also healthier. rice is a superb source of phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium. All of those substances are vital because are the building materials of man.

Well-cooked rice acquires a fragile nutty aroma, while some varieties have a fruity flavor, which makes it compatible with a spread of dishes. it’s recommended for an adult to consume no quite 200 g of rice per day for ladies and no quite 250 g for men, up to 2-3 times every week. More frequent consumption of rice threatens stool retention and bloating.


Bananas are a flexible, inexpensive product that ought to always be included within the diet of vegans because they will be wont to prepare a spread of dishes: frozen dessert, sandwiches (made from bananas and peanut butter), healthy smoothies. Bananas contain serotonin, a mood-boosting substance that fights depression.

Besides, the fruit is high in potassium, which is useful for muscles, the heart, and the brain. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E contained in bananas have a beneficial effect on nails, hair, skin, and vision. Research from the University of Taiwan has shown that bananas needn’t be separated from the peel; they’re also edible. Straight with the skin of them, you’ll cook smoothies during a blender because it’s in it that even more potassium is stored than within the pulp.

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