9 coldest cities in the world

Freezing in winter?

Think it’s too cold around? Do tears come to your eyes at the thought of the nice and cozy sun? There are places where it’s much, much colder, and yet people somehow exist there. Exactly how they live – in our top 9 coldest cities within the world. For all cities, a winter temperature record is indicated.

9.Harbin, China – minus 38.1 ° C

For the inhabitants of this city, even a harsh winter may be a pleasure. Indeed, because of her, the International Snow and Ice Festival are held in Harbin. this is often one of the most important ice festivals in the world. It features ice sculptures, ice-hole swimming, and downhill skiing.

8.Longyearbyen, Norway – minus 46.3 ° C

This village, located on the island of West Spitsbergen, has one of the strongest bans in the world. you can’t change state and die here. Therefore, there’s no hospital or cemetery here. and therefore the bodies of dead people are transported to the mainland. Longyearbyen is additionally famous for the very fact that the underground World Seed Storage was built here at the insistence of the UN. it’ll are available handy within the event of a worldwide catastrophe.

7.Barrow, USA – minus 47 ° C

Colds come to the present American city unexpectedly (almost wish to Russian utilities). Yesterday people could easily drive a car, but today it’s already necessary to use snow-removing equipment. thanks to such temperature fluctuations, living in Barrow is sort of difficult. However, this is often what Homo sapiens is legendary for, which may adapt to almost any conditions.

6.Winnipeg, Canada – minus 47.8 ° C

One of the coldest places on the earth is that the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Typical January lows there are from minus 20 to minus 22 ° C. And on December 24, 1879, the city’s temperature record was recorded – minus 47.8 ° C. It must are an unpleasant day for the townspeople.

5.Yellowknife, Canada – minus 51 ° C

Founded in 1934, Yellowknife is that the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories. it’s home to over 20,000 people, most of whom are employed within the mining industry. the town boasts long and clear winter nights, which give optimal conditions for viewing the aurora borealis from mid-November to early April.

4.Dudinka, Russia – minus 61 ° C

One of the northernmost cities within the world regularly faces extreme winter conditions. the typical daily minimum temperature in January is minus 33 degrees Celsius.

This city is home to the world’s only ice stadium beyond the Arctic Circle – the Taimyr ice arena.

3.Norilsk, Russia – minus 64 ° C

Norilsk has never had a light climate. In winter, it often reaches minus 40 degrees. However, in 2014, a replacement temperature minimum was recorded there – 64 ° C below zero. Interestingly, Norilsk and Murmansk are located at almost an equivalent latitude. However, Murmansk is noticeably warmer.

2.Yakutsk, Russia – minus 64.4 ° C

The first three coldest cities on Earth are opened by the capital of the Republic of Sakha. it’s famous for its very harsh winter conditions. the foremost extreme temperatures occur in January, with average temperatures starting from minus 38 ° C to minus 41 ° C. In 1891, a temperature record was recorded with a sign (64 ° C below zero).

Besides, the winter season in Yakutsk can start much before in other cities of the planet.

1.Verkhoyansk, Russia – minus 67.7 ° C

Technically, this city is often considered the coldest on Earth, since the leader of our list may be a village. There aren’t many residents in Verkhoyansk – 1131 people as of 2017. And this is often understandable, few people want to measure during a place that bears the title “Pole of Cold within the hemisphere .

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