Top 5 cheapest films in cinema history

To attract viewers to stage, producers spend many dollars on computer graphics, Hollywood celebrity royalties, advertising campaigns, and more. As a result, the budget of the image is often many millions. However, such costs don’t always pay off and convey profit.

Meanwhile, there are examples in history of how a movie worth several tens of thousands of dollars brought the creators profit and fame. it’s these films that are included in today’s Top 5 cheapest films within the history of cinema.

5Night of the Living Dead (budget – $ 114 thousand)

To create this horror movie, they used impressively nightmarish make-up and pork guts rather than special effects. The creator of the image, George Romero, originally planned to shoot a comedy, however, it clothed to be a rather creepy film, from which the blood runs cold. additionally, it had been after the “Night of the Living Dead” within the cinema that the term “zombie” appeared. The film proved to be incredibly popular at the box office, bringing in $ 42 million.

4The Blair Witch: Coursework from the opposite World (budget – $ 20 thousand)

This low-budget horror movie was filmed in 1999 by fans of yank independent cinema. within the story, three students got lost within the woods while filming a course project with a few local legends – a mysterious witch from Blair. Filming with an amateur camera, designed to scale back the value of the image, was perceived by the audience as an ingenious find.

The film was appreciated by investors, and Artisan Entertainment acquired Blair Witch for $ 1.1 million. The film grossed $ 248 million at the box office.

3Fuse (budget – $ 7 thousand)

Shane Karruta’s film, unknown to anyone before, took first prize at the distinguished Sundance independent festival. The director himself wrote the script and also starred in one of the most roles. The plot is about time travel, and therefore the film takes place in Shane Karruta’s father’s house. the whole family of the director starred within the episodes.

Despite the high appraisal of the festival jury, viewers scold the film for its disgusting sound quality and almost convincing performance of the cast. However, during the screenings, nobody left the hall, noting that the image features a certain bewitching appeal, despite all the shortcomings.

2In bad taste (budget – $ 3 thousand)

This film was the primary work of the famous New Zealand director Peter Jackson. The filming of this fantastic film took several years. the whole budget consisted of Jackson’s undergraduate scholarship. All the alien weapons within the film were made up of aluminum pipes, and Peter Jackson’s mom baked the masks for the aliens herself within the home oven. therefore the creator of “The Lord of the Rings” and “King Kong” didn’t believe in any computer technologies and computer graphics at that point.

The director himself played 2 roles within the film, the remainder visited his friends. By the way, there’s not one female character within the cinema.

1Big train robbery (budget – $ 100)

This 1903 film is merely 11 minutes long. Edison took it off, creating the primary picture that not only demonstrates an episode from life, but features a short path, but a plot. supported a real story, the film briefly follows the daring robbery of the Union Pacific train in 1900. By the way, the film clothed to be one among the very best-grossing within the movie industry. the gathering from the show of “Robbery” amounted to $ 20 thousand, which is 200 times the budget of the image. for instance, “Avatar” paid off at the box office only 11 times.

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