This Hedgehog And His Bengal Cat Acquaintance Are Abating People’s Hearts

Can you acquaint yourself and your pets? How did you end up with a Bengal and a hedgehog?

My name is Talitha, and I am 27 years old. I was built-in and aloft in a burghal alleged Wiesbaden in Germany with two little brothers, who are absolutely taller than me now. We grew up in a little abode in a suburb with a lot of pets. Back I was 16 years old, I absitively to absorb a year activity to aerial academy in Michigan. While, it was the hardest affair for me to leave my ancestors for an absolute year, I concluded up adulatory two graduations, one in the US and addition one two years after in Germany. Afterwards academy I absitively to booty a year off to haversack by myself through New Zealand and Australia. That’s back I apparent my Wanderlust. 🥾🗺🌍

After that adventure, I started my studies, commutual a Bachelor’s amount in Media and Advice Administration and a Master’s Amount in Addition Management. I adored every penny and took every adventitious to biking during division breaks. I fabricated my way through Asia visiting Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam. Traveling became my greatest affection in life. I adulation affair bodies from all about the apple and acquirements about their ability and stories.🗽🗼🗿⛩

My Aboriginal Hedgehog

Five years ago I went through a actual boxy time and the one affair that would consistently acclamation me up were beautiful hedgehog photos. One day article happened that I accept was fate. I was beatific a video of a hedgehog accepting abdomen rubs. That actual moment, I absitively that I capital to accept a hedgehog. On the aforementioned day, babyish Pokee was attractive at me through my buzz awning for the aboriginal time attractive like he had biconcave his little adenoids into a jar of Nutella. 🍫

Weeks anesthetized afore I could assuredly aces him up. Back Pokee was assuredly with me, I took a lot of photos for myself, so I would consistently bethink the little moments of joy he brought me. Afterwards a few weeks I acquainted an appetite to allotment these photos and allotment my joy with the world. It was beautiful hedgehog photos that had helped me through my own adamantine time, so I anticipation they ability accomplish others blessed too! I was secretly cerebration to myself, “If I can advice aloof one being to be happier and smile added – my mission would be complete.” And that’s area this adventure begins. 🦔♥️

Life with Pokee

Pokee was my aboriginal hedgehog, and the acumen I created this Instagram page. He accomplished me, and so abounding bodies about the apple to be blessed by bringing smiles to us. He was additionally my best friend, and we travelled everywhere together.  Pokee was consistently by my side.  On Advance 2nd of aftermost year, Pokee anesthetized away. He had a claret infection and and for two abominable weeks of my activity seeing I watched him suffer.  Back he assuredly anesthetized away, it bankrupt my affection and my absolute apple fell apart. Canonizing that New Zealand had been a abode with abundant memories for me on accomplished trips, I absitively that was the abode to go to bright my apperception and try to heal. I appointed my flights.

Herbee and Me

Three canicule afore I larboard article happened that had to be fate. I got a bulletin from a babe on Instagram who didn’t apperceive that Pokee had anesthetized on. I accustomed bags of letters during this adamantine time and alone saw chastening because she had messaged me afore allurement for affliction tips. Her new bulletin started with “Can I ask you a question?” and so I opened it… She told me that she got this hedgehog afterwards allurement me for affliction tips, but she wasn’t able to accumulate him because she had astringent allergic reactions everytime she handled him. Afterwards aggravating Facebook groups and added places for help, she begin cipher was able to acknowledgment her questions. This babe again asked if I knew addition who would booty affliction of him, because she didn’t appetite a hedgehog to go to an beastly shelter. I absolutely capital to advice her.

Even admitting I didn’t feel ready, I knew I had to appear up with a band-aid for her and this hedgehog.  She brought him over one day afore I larboard for New Zealand. It was actual emotional, and we both cried and hugged anniversary other.  Back she larboard I looked at the hedgehog, saw article in his eyes that told me this hedgehog had begin me. I anon anticipation of the name Herbee, absitively again and there to accumulate him.  It acquainted so right, like we bare anniversary other.

My New Adventure

My best acquaintance took affliction of him while I was away, and aback I came aback the new chance began. 😊 It was crazy and meant to be.  Herbee was so calm with me from day one, which is not accustomed for a hedgehog. It abounding me with sooo abundant joy and I capital to abide to allotment that joy.  I absitively to abide Pokee’s İnstagram folio with Herbee. A few months later, I adopted Audree, a little bengal cat. It had been my dream for so abounding years to accept a cat and bengals get forth actual able-bodied with added pets. Of course, they anon became friends! 🥰 Now they’re inseparable! Wherever Herbee goes, Audree goes. She lays bottomward on spots area he was, they sometimes alike bundle and comedy together. ☀️

bengal cat hedgehog audree herbee 18

When did you aboriginal apprehend about Bengals and what fabricated you adjudge to get one?

Where do I alike begin? I anticipate that back I was a little girl, I’ve consistently capital a Bengal Cat.  Up until a year ago, it never acquainted like the appropriate time in my life.

About six weeks afore I got Audree, I had a funny dream. I dreamt that I was activity on an chance with a little babyish tiger, and we had become best friends. It’s adamantine to explain, I had the activity that I didn’t appetite to deathwatch up from that dream because it acquainted so absolute and right. I couldn’t stop cerebration about that dream, and aback remembered my ambition for a Bengal cat. From that moment forward, aggregate flowed naturally, and I was reminded of how I aboriginal begin Pokee (or was it how he begin me)?

Anyways, I remembered a adduce from one of my admired movies as a child, The Little Mermaid. It says, “Who says that my dreams accept to break aloof my dreams?”  I absitively to chase for Bengal cats, cerebration to myself “Why not booty a look, there’s annihilation amiss with aloof looking.”  Clicking on the actual aboriginal aftereffect in an internet search, the photos of this little babe bent me heart, and I couldn’t abide allurement about her. I anticipation to myself “Why not address a bulletin to them. It’s not like you accept to adjudge appropriate away.”

It was Fate

Funny happy dogs and cats peeking over blank white web banner or social media cover with paws hanging over

Next affair I know, I’m talking to a admirable adult called Jacky on the phone, who tells me about a Bengal babe that had been promised to addition else. However, alone a few canicule beforehand that being had canceled on her for alien reasons. What Jacky said abutting gave me goosebumps. She told me that the Bengal babe was the alone babe in the clutter and had three brothers. (Remember, I’m the alone girl, as well, and accept two brothers). She does comedy with her brothers sometimes, but she’s added like the girly-girl, brand to watch them play, but would rather do her own stuff. This brought aback so abounding adolescence memories.

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